Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thee Fiery Sword, and Thee gilded Crown

Sword of Fire Crown of Gold
This site is dedicated to Traditionalism in the exoteric, & esoteric by poetic inspiration concerning that Order which is Sacred, and arises organically; in comparison to the profane, vulgar system of today's "democratic" regimes which seek to instill a singular global economy and hollywood monoculture. A sword of Fire wielded by the Avatar, to purge the world of the false, and the folly of hyper-modernism, of politically correct cultural marxism! Enforced through a lifetime of televised counter- initiation.   A revelation to the Frankfurt schools deconstruction of all that is true and Holy, into their world view that is the height of egalitarian lies, cultural death, and state dependence. A state that has no tradition or culture. A state ruled by the golem economy, a tyrrany of uniformity, & conformity in the worst sense, by the lie of multiculturalism.. for their true goal is a one global monoculture of a raceless/ cultureless serf class stripped of any & all identity, enslaved to the "elite" class of unheroic bourgeois mediocre bureaucrats.
A Crown of Gold that shall adorn the head of heavens hero! Thee Supreme Lord, the final Avatar! Exhibiting his eight mystical powers the Avatar shall traverse the globe casting out the asura who have by deceit, usurped the Holy Throne from the rightful heirs of the Solar dynasty. Being enthroned upon his white steed Devadatta, Thee Lord shall from Justice- judge, pass sentence, and execute the sentences upon the cthohnic forces whom using black magick, control politricks, economy, and "entertainment", by which they pull all the world into chaos. And vanquished, The hooves of his noble horse shall tread upon and over these cthohnic forces returning them to the dust of the earth from whence they arose.