Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Groping through the darkness.

          This modern world, lost in it's own claim of progress. Progressing ever swifter into the soulless, hell of disunity, and subversion. A subversive system! A system that rides against that which a True, and Holy Imperium should always uphold. The story of Ram is great example of how a state should function. It is idealism, but should we not live up to the ideal? Should we exist in a state of being that is in continual entropy? Always looking for the lowest common denominator, rather than the highest? The highest ideals of morality, chivalry, and honor takes hard work, dutiful action, and selfless devotion to uphold, and thusly and sadly are we trapped in what was aptly named a matrix in the hollywood film.
Though what is hollywood? The mouthpiece of this system, and its cultural incindiary! A creature of golom idols, & false heroes- it throws it in your face, 1- to cause denial amongst the mundane followers of its hedonistic corruption. "Its only a movie" 2- A way to cause frustration and a lack of hope, even if the movie has the "hero" win, still the truth about your enslavement to an invisible, faceless monster causes a deep psychological reaction. This is a dark age, that at its very worst poses as an age of all knowing truths, with its scientific technocracy, a demonic force as much as any corrupted religion. For it knows only one track. And this track above all others is the most virulent, and wicked when used with the vain resoning of soulless madmen that many scientists are, for they deny the inherent spiritual force that sustains all creation- from the Blacksun comes all light in the multiverse.
A religion that denies absolute truths against its own dogmatic principles that are contrary to truth, not mystically, or philosphically contrary, as these can exist together, and should as representing the entirety of experience. But when truth reveled is fought against to sustain ones lie, then all becomes a lie, and the darkness of mind, and wisdom- a terrible darkness, a pariah, unlike the darkness of light, consumes ones entire self. This is the age we are in, and descending even further.
     Many seek to deny this, and claim an upcoming ascension, but what is this? Some ascend spiritually, and always have... the idea of a "mass ascension" is as outrageous as the rapture to those who have really studied any form of estoerica. One can assist others in a spiritual path, but cannot, and should not force it upon the unwilling, for far too often they are the unworthy as well. One can only live ones dharma as far as one knows their dharma. Many "spiritual" people are shams, and charlatans anyhow, for many say "I'm spiritual" but do nothing that is spiritual. Entheogens are a great addition to the spiritual quest, but do not as of themselves encapsulte or complete spiritual practice- it becomes just another drug being abused. This spiritual thirst, and seeking, that more often than not ends up in some junk metaphysics, and junk science with ascension cults, and channeling personalities are a great sign of themselves alone that truly are we in a very dark age, that will go even deeper, for I for one trust Hindu calendar cycles, than a single script of mayan. But do not expect things to go into some mass intercommunion of humanity, if anything 2012 is maybe the edge that falls off into the pitfall!
But let us always focus upon the supreme Lord, the Soul above all souls, and sustainer of all realities. Let us continue to meditate, and to pray. And to obtain that enlightenment. For then we can continue unto the gods.