Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012


       The Illusion of Choice in                        Electoral Activity

The prop of presidential elections! Lies  flood forth from the mouths of the candidates with the support of millions of dollars. Money being the greatest lie, it is no surprise that these politicians who are the servants of mammon would regurgitate their meaningless babble, all empty slogans, supported by empty currency. And the "voting public" whose reality & opinions are formed by these very same demoniacs, believe the choices they are presented with. And fall into either of the two camps of controlled thought. They literally believe there exists an  inherent difference in the candidates that are presented for the election cycle. Even if money donated in support of said candidate appears to come from different sources, in the end the source for this funny money is all the same, and any difference in world view is minor compared to the allegiance the candidates maintain to money, & the global agenda.
The artificial world of chthonic influence keeps the unaware shackled in sheckles through endless debt, and longing for illusions. Thusly being easily controlled and manipulated into taking one of two sides which in reality are one sided. Providing for the masses the illusion of choice by dutiful action through voting, while all along the global controllers already know the outcome.
All the work in maintaining the illusions which uphold the status quo is achieved by the three ring circus of postmodern hierarchy. The top is held by the masters of money, who maintain theirthe position by the abuse of markets, economies, and agents around the globe fomenting discord, and rebellion. This has several effects resulting in the continuing and maintaining of power, and assists in the ultimate goal of one centralized economic, cultural authority. This power is not yet divulged concerning its true influence over the public, as to keep the Amerikan citizen within the limited confines that pass as political, and social opinions. These opinions being manipulated by the actions of the agent provacateur who in creating conflicts around the globe keeps the public in a state of fear, and in the view of being in the right, through social, and scientific progression, in comparison to other nations political systems.
The  second tier is held by the politicians who are nothing but the players in a charade maintaining the illusion of republican, democatic governance through their presenting of differing opinions of political thought and action. However, even if these opinions are in any way real, they take third place in the loyalties of the politicians, as their first loyalty is always to money, and its controllers due to many factors of corruption, and black mail.
The third position is held by the media barons. Who in many aspects wield more power than the politicians by the fact of their informational control. The media are the presenters of current events, propagandized entertainment, and ideas, all of which coallece in the forming of public opinions. The black magicians use motion pictures, either through sinema, and on a greater scale that is in perpetual use- T.V.- to program the public into a lesser mind set of materialism and consumerism. Controlling the thought, and opinions of the spell bound masses through their transmissions of "programming" input into the minds of the tele- visioned public.
Overtime this conforms even the most stubborn of opinions to modern mythologies. The medias greatest accomplishment has been to present ideas counter to what right intuition knows is wrong, yet through its endless promotion becomes a staple of society. This ultimate "victory" for the media comes by the subtle and continued promotion of certain ideas over time especially through emotionally charged "entertainment", eventually the society believes itself to be the initiators and active players in "progressive" laws which arethe not madethe for increasing the liberties of the people, but rather, quite the opposite! But in this methodical way the public believes itself to be the deciding factor in the actions taken by what they believe to be the government. This is modern politics in action. All run by what could only be correctly called Black Magick, as its occult definition is the manipulative control of a person, or persons unknowingly against their will. So by conclusion the worlds "leaders" are by the use of such means, Black Magicians. This is the world under the yoke of politricks!