Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

IMPERIUM REGEMENTUM Return of the Sun- King

Sharpen your spears for the War is at hand.
Unfurl the standards march toward the last stand.
Together in lockstep no doubt in our hearts.
Bravely emboldened tear the false world apart!
The symbol of cycles emblazed in our breasts.
All now in motion nothing shall rest.
Upon our habits the great Cross of red.
Instills in our foes a memorable dread!

For the cycle is shifting progressing toward - from slumber awakened in the shadow of swords
The fire once smoldered is flaming again- twill consume the world in natures revenge!
So "Go forth!" as Arjuna face down your extinction.
And boldy go forth to bear a crown of distinction!
And purge from the world all ways decadent!
Restoring the straight path from the ways of those bent.

The viley corrupted shall feel thy steel!
A cleansing fire shall restore the Real.
So viley occulted by fad and by filth!
We'll restore the Holywood and purge the ilk.
Those vilest creatures, purveyors of sin- A wicked race of demonic kin.
Theyve built up a world entagled in lies- By money, & media the upright despise

They've assumed the status of victim- kings.
They'll be dethroned when Thunder rings.
They've usurped the thrones by monied illusions.
And so will feel the flame of counter- revolution!
The return of the Sun- King in great gilded array,
Shall turn back the night in the dawning of day!
And then from the ruins will arise the True King!
To rule in right action and shall enlighten all things!

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