Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

TRUE ORDER AND GOVERNANCE PART 2: The Organic Society (The Power of Initiation and Identity)

Traditionally in the organic society the top tier is that of the Priesthood, those who preserve the oral and written traditions that through Sacred writings, myth, epics, and morality tales contain the spiritual traditions and beliefs, as well as the guiding principles and morals of a people and society. Priests are also the role models concerning the highest actions of selfless, detached, and egoless dutiful service to their folk, and by their personal sacrifices and learning are initiated and invested with the act of offering up propitiatory sacrifice, which is a Sacred ritual of thanksgiving, selfless giving, and devotional love to the gods, and especially the Supreme Lord in way of giving the best of the fruits of their united labor. They are also invested with certain powers through their austere penances. Within the the traditions of the Priesthood lay the foundation for moral, upright, and noble detached behavior throughout all classes. The Priests always deserve our respect and obedience as it is they who by their Dharma and Yoga maintain piety, right living, and devotion to the Lord.
Below the Priests, yet equal in duty are the Warrior class, the summit of which is the King, followed by the court nobles on their prospective ranks who by Divine Authority and Initiation bear the arms, dispense justice, and defend the realm and folk from enemies. They also uphold the Laws of etiquette and action which are established by The Supreme Lord via the Priests. These Laws are Sacred and are not mere political theories as are the means of governance today. Rather these Laws are given to the Priests in mystical raptures by the supra- sentient minds of the gods, originating from the Supreme Lord- The Absolute Personality of Godhead in  extensive Sacred rituals that lasted days. The King in this Holy and Sacred organic society containing the  framework of spiritual nobility is the direct and true descendent of the Sun. An illuminating beneficent protector of his folk and subjects. The epitome of transcendent rulership and justice. The Dharma King is as his forefather Thee Sun itself- selfless, and liberal to all. His love, protection, and well being dispersed in equanimity to all his folk and subjects as the Sun does shine for all. His duty is great, and his life is not his own. He is the role model concerning dispassion, compassion, temperance, fortitude, and piety in behavior throughout all classes, and lives thusly.
He and his fellow warrior nobles as the defenders of their realm and folk naturally live in wealthier conditions, even more so than the Priesthood which lie above them. This wealth is earned through their selfless devotion in karma yoga to their people, traditions, and duty that extends to the giving of their very lives for the safety of the realm and folk. So in reward for this heavy responsibility and maintaining of duty is the enjoyment of the finer things which for the warrior may be here today and dead on the morrow. The warriors always deserve our respect and love as it is they who maintain the order of society via the devoted practicing of the Dharma and karma yoga, and live for the benefit of their people.
These great warriors trained in the wisdom and knowledge of the Vedas are thusly properly initiated in several stages in their youth. By initiation they are then endowed with various spiritual powers and weapons that assist to ennoble them and increase courage that they may face the enemy of the Dharma, the adharmic demon race. This race that lives by lie, derision, dishonor, egocentrality, and a perverse anti- tradition. They offer no devotion to the Lord and his ways, they only worship their own images and power. They are the satanic force of counter- initiation and the promoters of pure materialism in the postmodern world.

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