Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Holy Fire of Order

Hail! Hail to the fire that is before all time, the fire that burns to maintain the universal order. That living flame, sentient, from whence all arises, and whence all returns in the great falling apart. This Holy fire- that shall ignite the sword, the sword of renewal, the Holy sword with which the Bhagavan will judge all the world, as it has fallen into the immoral, & ignoble. By this fire, by this sword all this world is judged and returned to the law.
In stating that God is love a truth is spoken. But this love, this Agape is not permissive nor is it license. By His love His Law is for all, and none obstinate are acquitted, his judgement comes swift to return all to Order!
He returns, he returns upon his white steed, his seat of judgement. Swift does the horse Devadatta run, at the speed of thought. Swift shall the sentence pre- ordained come upon the iniquitous! These purveyors of falsehood, selfishness, and every vice and sin. They shall feel the earth fall from beneath their footing and so shall these pariahs fall, fall, fall! They shall return to their proper place before they are given their sentence!
Their place as lenders, merchants, and entertainers... yet in this world of confusion they have risen by deceit to obtain the place of Priests, Kings and warriors! Usurpers of the Traditional, and tradition. They have replaced the stories of valor, and virtue, the stories of the Lord and his ways with their self made wickedness! Tales of depravity and lustful thinking have taken precedence over those of righteousness! Woe unto them for their spiritual poison, for they will drink what they have pushed forth!

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