Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Many can feel that something is seriously and inherently wrong in the postmodern world yet cannot quite grasp what it is. Many decry "inequality"; inequality in race, economics, education, amongst the sexes, everywhere two individuals exist the accusatory finger points and declares in derision "inequality"! Which as it just so happens is true, however this is not from whence the worlds problems arise. As previously stated where two individuals exist there is "inequality". And this is good, for it is true. They are not equal in talents and strengths and never shall they be. Even under enforced egalitarianism the one who transcends can only be stifled of their natural talents and strengths, to be kept in "equality" with their not so talented neighbors. Let the flyer fly and the digger dig. When acting on their dharma (duty) their places are both Sacred space made so by karma yoga (right action). For when he who is born to fly is kept in the ditch, or the digger told he can fly when he cannot TRUE INEQUALITY arises to stifle all!
In this "inequality" so vehemently decried by the materialist liberal who knows nothing of the metaphysical source of all things is in truth Absolute Equality, purpose, and justice. True inequality arises in egalitarianism, therein lies true injustice! Equality in fact lies within the vast differences that exist as to talents and strengths among people. He who is born to dig shall dig, and is fulfilled in this his duty he selflessly does for The Lord, folk and neighbor. He who is born to fly is fulfilled in flight, his duty to The Lord, folk and neighbor. The digger should never be made to feel less than for his duty. He does it and in so doing is united with God, for him to do otherwise is wrong action and equates to inequality. To belittle his duty is injustice. As to the flyer, to shame him for his natural skill and position is injustice, and to then force him to another duty is great sin, as great a sin as in shaming the digger for his position. As all these positions and duties performed in selfless service add up to a functioning society.
Thusly when people act in accordance with their dharma (duty) the society is at peace and all enjoy the fruits of their united labor. It is in the enforcing of egalitarian lies and the reduction of duty that injustice arises. And with these lies come forth jealousy, contempt, and wrong action. This natural system of existence arose and arises organically from the depths of a peoples soul and psyche. Caste in its pure form incorrupted by notions of "better than" and "lesser than" that arise from the corruption of ego is the most fulfilling and productive of all human systems. In this organic society which is firmly rooted in the metaphysical has most discord eliminated by identity, tradition, and unity of the folk. Herein equality runs vertical rather than in the inorganic and imposed "equality" that arises from the minds of the egocentric intellectuals who think they have the formula to end human suffering. But rather, in their experimental, unnatural systems suffering is always amplified in their quest for equalization.
"How is equality existent in a vertical system such as Monarchy?"
This at first seems absurd to the postmodern indoctrinated mind as equality to its misunderstanding is likened to an even field composed of the smoothest stone with no bumps, holes, or uneveness, and therein lies true absurdity. For if everyone is unique and different than how are they across the board equal? They are not, and no amount of theoretical enforcement makes this lie true. Equality runs vertically as to the differing duties, talents and strengths of a folk within an organic state.

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