Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013



Saint- Chevalier standing firm and right!
Their Holy sign, the Solar banner illumines this dark night!
Warriors- called from within their souls to rise upward from this sin.
To let their honor shine as the armor of Lohengrin.

Apart from this Psychic enslavement and spiritual decay.
Where vice is celebrated and Virtue all but gone away!
Stands alone these warriors who adhere to ancient Rule.
Of honor and nobilty to right order they are true.

To an oath they've taken, Sacred! They adhere- against the lies!
To stand in steadfast courage and resist their folks demise.
Who lie in lamentations beneath foreign swords oppressed.
Until this yoke broken the Holy warriors can never rest.

With a fixed gaze of sureness yet detached from enmity.
They fight in Holy struggle against the demonic enemy!
Guided by the light within, for right action they do fight!
Against the cthonhic forces who've brought in endless night.

Beneath the star of destiny their victory is pre- ordained.
To route the southern forces and the Holy crown regain.
To once again be seated upon their thrones they've won.
And illuminate the world these Kings gilded by the sun!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

IMPERIUM REGEMENTUM Return of the Sun- King

Sharpen your spears for the War is at hand.
Unfurl the standards march toward the last stand.
Together in lockstep no doubt in our hearts.
Bravely emboldened tear the false world apart!
The symbol of cycles emblazed in our breasts.
All now in motion nothing shall rest.
Upon our habits the great Cross of red.
Instills in our foes a memorable dread!

For the cycle is shifting progressing toward - from slumber awakened in the shadow of swords
The fire once smoldered is flaming again- twill consume the world in natures revenge!
So "Go forth!" as Arjuna face down your extinction.
And boldy go forth to bear a crown of distinction!
And purge from the world all ways decadent!
Restoring the straight path from the ways of those bent.

The viley corrupted shall feel thy steel!
A cleansing fire shall restore the Real.
So viley occulted by fad and by filth!
We'll restore the Holywood and purge the ilk.
Those vilest creatures, purveyors of sin- A wicked race of demonic kin.
Theyve built up a world entagled in lies- By money, & media the upright despise

They've assumed the status of victim- kings.
They'll be dethroned when Thunder rings.
They've usurped the thrones by monied illusions.
And so will feel the flame of counter- revolution!
The return of the Sun- King in great gilded array,
Shall turn back the night in the dawning of day!
And then from the ruins will arise the True King!
To rule in right action and shall enlighten all things!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Parsifal. Solar Hero, Warrior Priest, Guardian of Thee Grail.

The Holy Fire of Order

Hail! Hail to the fire that is before all time, the fire that burns to maintain the universal order. That living flame, sentient, from whence all arises, and whence all returns in the great falling apart. This Holy fire- that shall ignite the sword, the sword of renewal, the Holy sword with which the Bhagavan will judge all the world, as it has fallen into the immoral, & ignoble. By this fire, by this sword all this world is judged and returned to the law.
In stating that God is love a truth is spoken. But this love, this Agape is not permissive nor is it license. By His love His Law is for all, and none obstinate are acquitted, his judgement comes swift to return all to Order!
He returns, he returns upon his white steed, his seat of judgement. Swift does the horse Devadatta run, at the speed of thought. Swift shall the sentence pre- ordained come upon the iniquitous! These purveyors of falsehood, selfishness, and every vice and sin. They shall feel the earth fall from beneath their footing and so shall these pariahs fall, fall, fall! They shall return to their proper place before they are given their sentence!
Their place as lenders, merchants, and entertainers... yet in this world of confusion they have risen by deceit to obtain the place of Priests, Kings and warriors! Usurpers of the Traditional, and tradition. They have replaced the stories of valor, and virtue, the stories of the Lord and his ways with their self made wickedness! Tales of depravity and lustful thinking have taken precedence over those of righteousness! Woe unto them for their spiritual poison, for they will drink what they have pushed forth!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

TRUE ORDER AND GOVERNANCE PART 2: The Organic Society (The Power of Initiation and Identity)

Traditionally in the organic society the top tier is that of the Priesthood, those who preserve the oral and written traditions that through Sacred writings, myth, epics, and morality tales contain the spiritual traditions and beliefs, as well as the guiding principles and morals of a people and society. Priests are also the role models concerning the highest actions of selfless, detached, and egoless dutiful service to their folk, and by their personal sacrifices and learning are initiated and invested with the act of offering up propitiatory sacrifice, which is a Sacred ritual of thanksgiving, selfless giving, and devotional love to the gods, and especially the Supreme Lord in way of giving the best of the fruits of their united labor. They are also invested with certain powers through their austere penances. Within the the traditions of the Priesthood lay the foundation for moral, upright, and noble detached behavior throughout all classes. The Priests always deserve our respect and obedience as it is they who by their Dharma and Yoga maintain piety, right living, and devotion to the Lord.
Below the Priests, yet equal in duty are the Warrior class, the summit of which is the King, followed by the court nobles on their prospective ranks who by Divine Authority and Initiation bear the arms, dispense justice, and defend the realm and folk from enemies. They also uphold the Laws of etiquette and action which are established by The Supreme Lord via the Priests. These Laws are Sacred and are not mere political theories as are the means of governance today. Rather these Laws are given to the Priests in mystical raptures by the supra- sentient minds of the gods, originating from the Supreme Lord- The Absolute Personality of Godhead in  extensive Sacred rituals that lasted days. The King in this Holy and Sacred organic society containing the  framework of spiritual nobility is the direct and true descendent of the Sun. An illuminating beneficent protector of his folk and subjects. The epitome of transcendent rulership and justice. The Dharma King is as his forefather Thee Sun itself- selfless, and liberal to all. His love, protection, and well being dispersed in equanimity to all his folk and subjects as the Sun does shine for all. His duty is great, and his life is not his own. He is the role model concerning dispassion, compassion, temperance, fortitude, and piety in behavior throughout all classes, and lives thusly.
He and his fellow warrior nobles as the defenders of their realm and folk naturally live in wealthier conditions, even more so than the Priesthood which lie above them. This wealth is earned through their selfless devotion in karma yoga to their people, traditions, and duty that extends to the giving of their very lives for the safety of the realm and folk. So in reward for this heavy responsibility and maintaining of duty is the enjoyment of the finer things which for the warrior may be here today and dead on the morrow. The warriors always deserve our respect and love as it is they who maintain the order of society via the devoted practicing of the Dharma and karma yoga, and live for the benefit of their people.
These great warriors trained in the wisdom and knowledge of the Vedas are thusly properly initiated in several stages in their youth. By initiation they are then endowed with various spiritual powers and weapons that assist to ennoble them and increase courage that they may face the enemy of the Dharma, the adharmic demon race. This race that lives by lie, derision, dishonor, egocentrality, and a perverse anti- tradition. They offer no devotion to the Lord and his ways, they only worship their own images and power. They are the satanic force of counter- initiation and the promoters of pure materialism in the postmodern world.


Many can feel that something is seriously and inherently wrong in the postmodern world yet cannot quite grasp what it is. Many decry "inequality"; inequality in race, economics, education, amongst the sexes, everywhere two individuals exist the accusatory finger points and declares in derision "inequality"! Which as it just so happens is true, however this is not from whence the worlds problems arise. As previously stated where two individuals exist there is "inequality". And this is good, for it is true. They are not equal in talents and strengths and never shall they be. Even under enforced egalitarianism the one who transcends can only be stifled of their natural talents and strengths, to be kept in "equality" with their not so talented neighbors. Let the flyer fly and the digger dig. When acting on their dharma (duty) their places are both Sacred space made so by karma yoga (right action). For when he who is born to fly is kept in the ditch, or the digger told he can fly when he cannot TRUE INEQUALITY arises to stifle all!
In this "inequality" so vehemently decried by the materialist liberal who knows nothing of the metaphysical source of all things is in truth Absolute Equality, purpose, and justice. True inequality arises in egalitarianism, therein lies true injustice! Equality in fact lies within the vast differences that exist as to talents and strengths among people. He who is born to dig shall dig, and is fulfilled in this his duty he selflessly does for The Lord, folk and neighbor. He who is born to fly is fulfilled in flight, his duty to The Lord, folk and neighbor. The digger should never be made to feel less than for his duty. He does it and in so doing is united with God, for him to do otherwise is wrong action and equates to inequality. To belittle his duty is injustice. As to the flyer, to shame him for his natural skill and position is injustice, and to then force him to another duty is great sin, as great a sin as in shaming the digger for his position. As all these positions and duties performed in selfless service add up to a functioning society.
Thusly when people act in accordance with their dharma (duty) the society is at peace and all enjoy the fruits of their united labor. It is in the enforcing of egalitarian lies and the reduction of duty that injustice arises. And with these lies come forth jealousy, contempt, and wrong action. This natural system of existence arose and arises organically from the depths of a peoples soul and psyche. Caste in its pure form incorrupted by notions of "better than" and "lesser than" that arise from the corruption of ego is the most fulfilling and productive of all human systems. In this organic society which is firmly rooted in the metaphysical has most discord eliminated by identity, tradition, and unity of the folk. Herein equality runs vertical rather than in the inorganic and imposed "equality" that arises from the minds of the egocentric intellectuals who think they have the formula to end human suffering. But rather, in their experimental, unnatural systems suffering is always amplified in their quest for equalization.
"How is equality existent in a vertical system such as Monarchy?"
This at first seems absurd to the postmodern indoctrinated mind as equality to its misunderstanding is likened to an even field composed of the smoothest stone with no bumps, holes, or uneveness, and therein lies true absurdity. For if everyone is unique and different than how are they across the board equal? They are not, and no amount of theoretical enforcement makes this lie true. Equality runs vertically as to the differing duties, talents and strengths of a folk within an organic state.