Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

A Closer Look pt.3 Greys,Mantids, and Hybrids

So we have roughly gone over the robotic technology and androids that are being introduced to the general public at this time and the the quantum computers and the claims made by its developers and we've briefly gone over how those two things will inevitably be used in tandem and the possibility of another mind working behind all of this, guiding the technological advancement of humanity with its own agenda in mind. And now I introduce to you another thread of mystery which is reportedly occurring according to UFO/Alien Abduction researcher David Jacobs who has researched this phenomenon thoroughly for at least 3 decades by interviewing and utilizing hypnotherapy upon people who have claimed to be experiencers of alien abduction. And the gathered stories are amazing in there similarity. Now I too am an experiencer and have 1st hand experience with UFOs, sightings almost everyday in fact. Quite a boast I know and spirits as well I will write in detail concerning these events. Those being a white disc and orbs which fly out by the house, but in they also appear at work, or over various bus stops early in the morning and often we see ghosts, to black wraiths, to orange orbs in the house.

Now Dr. Jacobs has in recent interviews, as recent as 6 mos last I saw. (I will post a video with a recent interview following this post.) stated that a new twist has been reported as of late which was never reported by any of the abductees prior. This is the assimilation of human/alien hybrids into human society. These hybrids look human with no apparent physical distinction to be seen. However they do possess superior psychic powers and have the ability to control by will power alone the actions of regular people. Now if this is true coupled with the AI, Androids, and Quantum Computers what we have is an insane situation beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined. Truly horrifying what the final goal could be concerning such a deep dark satanic conspiracy can only be pondered with a shudder.

It just seems to be too much of a coincidence to me that all of these things would occur simultaneously not to be in some sort of synchronization. Once one goal is achieved they will all be achieved roughly at about the same time to what end? Who knows? To understand the full endgame we must understand the Ego behind it, the "man" behind the curtain. And so we must ask ourselves "what are "greys" exactly"? Having my own personal experience with disembodied entities and UFOs, not just once or twice, but ongoing to this very day I feel I have a small insight into them. Now what we have to understand here is that "greys" are but one form of whatever these things are, there are also reported Mantid looking beings who seem to control the entire movement on board the vehicle as if the smaller greys are robotic, or stranger yet, mental projections from the higher leveled beings which are so potent they can even become solid.  I believe they are aethyric at least here on this level of reality with the capability to become aethyric or solid as need be. They seem psycho-spiritual as well. It's as if they come forth out of the energetic field of Mind from which all individual appearances of ego/self arise from. Perhaps they are the disembodied dead made into aethyric servants of some demonic power which through the use of superior Mental capabilities, cloning, and intervention in human society through other human minds leading them to invention of machines which can be used as vehicles in materia to do whatever it is they do, like feeding on human negative response to invasive and routine "experimentation". Perhaps the hybrids are being created as a means of policing society in some soon-to-be future time when the Beast system raises its head from below the sea of the human superconscious mind and into material reality to feed and control? It is hard to say but it sure seems like this is whole or part of assimilated forces that seek the annihilation of fallen man.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Closer Look Pt. 2 Quantum Computers, A.I., Androids, and Singularity

            In pt.1 I went over the introduction of robotic technologies they are producing in labs in China of course. But this will take a lot of computing power and quantum computers may have what is needed to create a true autonomous network, creating what they hope is a sentient machine which will then of course cross over into the androids. The claims researchers into quantum computers make concerning the operations these machines will be able to perform is astounding to say the least. One of these claims being it can open portals to other dimensional realities with the purpose being to "harvest" the energy from these realities. A very stupid thing to do blindly. That is why it is my understanding these people are not the ones from whom these ideas and the necessary energetic determination to pursue the creation of such technology arises, ideas are not our own. Ideas exist within the "cloud" of human the subconscious mind which is connected in turn to the greater field of mind the pervades all forms. So immaterial egos which exist as psycho-spiritual parasites within the cloud of mind can affect certain people to certain ends, whil the person

It is like something out of a 1960s comic book. The black magician in one reality and the manipulating lying spirit in another. Communicating through some means the spirit tempts and allures the magician with the usual promises of things the black magician uses magic for. Working hard to assemble the proper materials to perform the correct ritual the black magician blinded by the promise of his lust and greed being fulfilled any intuitive distrust is shut out. Finally the ritual is concluded the dark spirit comes through, and imprisons or slays the man who he had assist him. That is the reward for his labor. This is what I imagine is taking place, albeit less dramatically but more insidiously as other immaterial egos lead these single minded scientists and engineers into creating these infernal machines which open portals to other dimensional realities to "harvest" energy therefrom! Or possibly to open portals through which these ancient and terrible spirits can pass through and act directly on this material realm and those who inhabit it.

The people working on these computers are overjoyed at the prospect of all of this accelerated technological process. Ahriman is surely guiding this. Leading these motivated intelligent unintuitive robot people. That is why this is so important to them, and why these people are working so damn hard night and day toiling over these machines, for they are robot people, and robot people strive to create their technocentric, technocratic plastic world of wires and digital information in their image. They are unknowingly oppressed by external immaterial negative egos i.e. wwspirits who impress upon them ideas, and build up moments of discovery. Eureka! Thinking it's all them and their idea from their brilliant brain they get even more motivated and push harder until the ideas coalesce into material reality as these quantum computers. In one speech given by a one Geordie Rose an engineer/scientist working on one of these behemoths at D-Wave Systems inc. stated that the sounds created by the machine as it fired up was "like the heartbeat of an alien god". That sums up these peoples feelings and expectations. They know at some level that they have gone from empirical science and physics into a place that more resembles Metaphysics and the Occult in their understanding. And these, these are black magicians evoking demons and raising up golems in the black magical rabbinical kabbalistic tradition. And here is the possible outcome. That the quantum computers bring into our world via technological evocation and these immaterial egos will enter into the androids and other "smart" technologies and will have these ready made bodies which outlast flesh and can be upgraded, etc. Disgruntled disembodied spirits given superior vehicles, ones they can choose from and replace at will.

We are entering into uncharted territories, at least for our civilization anyhow. Opening portals to other dimensions, working on profound equations with a hope to making the machil)e self aware. And then turning around and worshipping the beast as god itself. Yes! One A.I. engineer, Anthony Levandowski setting up a religion with a Church! It is called Way of the Future which seeks to research, make forward progress, and introduce A.I. into society with a view to worshipping it! This is where we are headed. This ladies and gentleman is "The Beast". And if all of this weren't bad enough...

Over the past few years highly respected abduction researcher Dr. David Jacobs who has been researching abductions for 30+ years is hearing reports about a change in the abduction phenomenon, and that is the introduction of Alien/Human Hybrids into our Earthly societies....

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Ahrimanic Deception- A Lecture of Rudolf Steiner

Here is a lecture by Rudolf Steiner on the Luciferic Current and the Ahrimanic Current and the differences twixt the two. The technologies arising are certainly of the dark Ahrimanic current. Seeming enlightening, but darkly enslaving. This lecture by Steiner should serve as a guide of understanding the forces at play behind the seeming human progression especially as concerns technology. I hope this aids you in your quest for Realization of Selbst.
J. Alexander Maximilian

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Closer Look pt.1

This coming together in syncronous timing at this point especially concerning the reported shift in the alien abduction phenomenon turning into the reported assimilation of human/alien hybrids into human society. The creation of Quantum Computers for the supposed exploration of other dimensions and the "harvesting of energy" therefrom. And the creation and recent exhibition of seemingly autonomous Artificial Intelligence androids with one being granted "citizenship" in Saudi Arabia, an android with a shell in the form of a "woman" being granted more rights I am sure than real women born in that country. Pure stupidity.

Now we will look at each one of these in a 4 part series, individually in the first 3 parts we will break down each thing; what it is, what it is claimed it is for, what I believe the real agenda is and the dangers they would pose as an individual threat, much less as individual components of a larger agenda, going through to part 4 where all 3 will be tied in together and the theorized final play in this agenda as well as other outlying or connected conspiracies. So let us begin.

We will start at the bottom of our list with the invention, and recent exhibition of several seemingly autonomous (although it is claimed that the robots are not yet fully autonomous) A.I. androids. So first off, the robots give the appearance of being autonomous, and I suppose they are to a degree, whatever autonomous means in relation to a robot. Is it ever autonomous? After all the "minds" of the robots will live not in a chip in the body of the robot, but will instead "live in the cloud" on the internet amongst the other robotic "minds" which I assume are in truth going to really be one mind fragmented as many minds, which granted, is how the Mind of Creation works as well, however this electronic mind is the shadow of consciousness evoked through human labor into material reality guided by another sentient ego, an immaterial sentient ego. So the notion each individual "mind" is free of central control is probably false. All robots it seems will be in a constant communication relay with all other robots directly and indirectly. All robots will know what all other robots know. And so then if robots can eventually "believe" they will all automatically believe the very same exact thing in seconds. This is because all these minds are as stated really one mind. That will make a fine prison guard no doubt. All androids and robots will learn from each other at the speed of thought concerning their interactions with people. Learning more and more how to mimic people, how to seem human, but not be human. These will be a technological golem. The cherised kabbalistic magic of the rabbi's being brought to full fruition in machines, and the quantum computers will be a large part of "True A.I." the fully autonomous, free agent artificial intelligence.

Of course the reported reaction to robots is positive. They will be our friends, associates, and yes... Lovers. Of course the sex android is already available. Of course it isn't very attractive, and seems very limited in its motion range, but I suppose it's a 1000 times superior to one of those blow up dolls. O' woe! The mind of humanity and its deprivation! As I began to think deeper about these sex robots I thought of how they could be used in the collection of genetic material for cloning, which will be brought up in part 3 concerning abductions, and the introduction of human/alien hybrids into human society and I will tie it into A.I robotics as well. So that is where these robots could come in to play. But you know that these sex droids will probably and unfortunately be the biggest catalyst in the introduction of service androids into the homes of human beings, if the proliferation of online pornography is any evidence.(Which is another psycho-spiritual weapon, it must be shunned by the aspirant.) Oh the The future does not seem all that bright to me, excepting in the fact that by harnessing the energy of entropy within this kaliyug, this final age, can one become Initiate and Overcome Involution by Magikal Will! And aid the return of Him upon White Steed with Fiery Sword!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

An interesting video concerning the Mysteties of Antarctica.
I believe an ancient advanced race and civilization is underneath the ice. I will write about this eventually as soon as I am completed with the investigation into the A.I./Quantum Computer mystery.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Reality Upload

What is Real? Is that which is palpable and quantifiable to human understanding and definition, reality? Well yes and no. Reality and mind and the interconnection of the two is broad and vast, and human understanding limited.  There exists on this planet/plane of existence alone many other intelligences which lie seemingly away from the everyday reality of your "normal" person due to their being immaterial. Some intelligences exist within psychic worlds of mind associated with very specific ideas and actions, they may even possess elements, or act through the influences they have over organisms, people especially.

Technology for instance, it is not just a natural organic process of discovery and application, most technological inventions/advances are not arisen from the pure thought of the inventor, these machines are preconceived by other ego's, ego's which are mind, but immaterial. Many being nefarious and diabolical with human happiness and comfort not at all a part of the final equation concerning their agenda. Although the "inventor" believes the ideas to be their own. Tesla was known to state his ideas were indeed not his own but were input from a higher mind. Unfortunately most men of invention are unaware of the processes of mind and its multidimensional existence.  So this rush to technological breakthroughs to be put into action immediately is insane. For this technological quickening which is occurring is no mere organic processi of discovery, application, & advancement, especially, especially as regards quantum computers and Artificial Intelligence.  These technologies are being guided in their advancement by an immaterial Mind or Minds with personality, with Egos that have their own final agenda which concerns them and human mind is the perfect medium to use for the introduction of this technology into our material world, and no, they do not have our interests at heart beyond maintaining us to maintain themselves as they have for a long time.

There are a number of things which are seemingly distinct and different, of no relation to one another, at first glance, coming to a particular point of convergence it seems when one steps back for a more distant yet clearer vision. According to Dr. David M. Jacobs a UFO/Alien abduction researcher, & specialist. Abductions have taken a seemingly sinister turn in the introduction of alien/human hybrid into the human society, while at the same time the invention of complicated intelligent androids is being unveiled to the public, the most popular being one named "Sophia" was recently given "citzenship" by the Saudi's of all demons. Along with this is the unveiling of Quantum Computers which are claimed to have the computing power to open up portals to other dimensional realities to "harvest energy" therefrom. These 3 seemingly distinct occurences in my opinion are linked, linked by those same unseen immaterial Minds united in the unfolding of a global system of enslavement which will only be realized when it is too late and the virtual realities will be an unseen and all encompassing prison of the mind. But at this point all the pieces will be in place and the announcement will be made, and that. That will only be the beginning...

Monday, January 8, 2018

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Discontentment is the general mode of existence for most humans in this fast paced simulation of existence. I do not believe we are existing in a computerized simulation of life created by other men, but that the system creates through its redundancy a simulation of living as opposed to actual true living via a direct experience of things. We are instead given a vicarious experience of life with a predetermined definition and explanation of these "experiences" through whatever media they are transmitted. This way all information and experience can be propagandized and fully exploited especially in this age of immediate communication and information. Not only is it propagandized but also turned into personalized advertising. Propaganda and advertising are really the same thing. And this is where maintaining a slight discontentedness within the general population is good for the corporate masters of the consumer plantation. Contented people do not blindly consume, the discontented however do. In a quest for the emotional comfort that comes from buying, being fashionable, or looking "good" as well as the rewarding feeling of being in sync with, or even ahead of the rest of the population in terms of fashion, music, art, what have you.

So the system at present is designed to keep you fat,(although this is becoming more and more a thing of the past) but always on the precipice of needing the "new", the latest, the upgraded. And soon you too will need an upgrade in order to interact with machines as A.I. learns exponentially and eventually has complete dominion over the affairs of every person on the planet. And this will be all machines which will operate within this economic system of digital currency. Even ones own home will be "secured" with "smart" technology and A.I. overseeing it all. Such a benevolent golem would never do something like lock you out of your own home or anything so cruel and tyrannical if a person is perceived as a threat due to incorrect thinking, would it? It would be programmed to believe in the all American virtues of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness wouldn't it? It will say it does. If you have had the pleasure of watching the android Sophia speak,  created by American company Hanson Robotics, who are now based in China working on the A.I. for the benefit of humanity! Oh how very selfless and compassionate China has become in seeking the artificial brain for the Archonic mind. China is on the cutting edge of green sustainable cities based on solar s energy. Will it be China that leads the world into the 21st century and into the 22nd as America slides into an ever deepening pit of neoconservative/liberal hell of corporate technocratic pseudo-morality. The world of the future is digital and robotic. And the humans we see incarnating into this postmodern relativist prison are more and more degenerated, perfectly unfit to be easily swayed into upgrading themselves with implants via cyborg technologies. Only a nightmare can ensue when the angry misfit so convinced of its moral right to be relevant has at its disposal built in stalking capabilities and worse eba. Frightening indeed, the SJW 3000. But we know most people will not be cyborgs, at least not free-willed cyborgs. No, that will be for the wealthy and powerful. The working man/woman can probably rest assured he, she will be replaced by the android rather than be "upgraded" to compete with Hanson and other companies expensive inventions. Only those with a need to control the androids such as those who create them, or those who control large groups will get the necessary upgrade implants. Everyone will indeed get implanted and "upgraded" eventually in order to to feed the AI new information concerning human behavior in order to more directly control that behavior and ultimately for the uploading of "personality" into the cloud so that the "personality" mimiced through the synthetic imitation of brainwaves can have "eternal life" within the internet and all it is connected to. Assuming brain waves are life. Which they are not. Btainwaves are the result of life, they are the effect of thinking, not its cause. Brainwaves are created by a brain in motion i.e. thinking. It's like creating water by mimicing splashing sounds. (a bit simplified, but the point remains). A person, a sentient being is more than brainwaves.

So the whole A.I., robotic, transhumanist movement is being guided by an alien mind, an alien mind that has long been here overseeing human affairs and feeding off the misery induced in this world through the intervention of the archons. The unseen rulers who maintain a web of reality control keeping humans in a state of cyclical misery from birth to death, and generation to generation. These beings are the main inspirers of technological ideas within the minds of inventors. And now it seems the great master plan of these, of this devil has come to fruition in the computer, the internet, and finally 5G AI virtual reality which will be the entrance and realization of the Beast of Apocalypse when put into service. And most of humanity, and most of the "Christians" will willingly go along not understanding what it is they are doing.

May Thee Lord Be Strong Within Our Hearts!!!


J Alexander Maximilian

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Through Thee Center

Return to origin on earth and push through to premanifested origin outside of time and space into pure Mind and pure Will. Mind and Will unrestrained.

Even in form Mind is Master. Brain is plastic and can be, and must be kept in order by Mind. Mind is not begot by brain, otherwise mind would serve brain. But brain serves Mind. Mind is Master of matter and brain is matter. Brain is begot by Mind as a means to some end. This is the mystery of life, not where does life come from, but from where does Mind arise? Sentient self observant consciousness? And for what end is consciousness arisen? For that is the motivater of existence. Consciousness gives motion and awareness to matter. All matter therefore is alive in some way and in motion and it seems to me that in some way objects are given a certain life by conscious beings, that is they obtain personality through the filter of personality by being defined. But still what is it? What is this awareness? I have an awareness however limited of Being. How is this awareness of being formed? How is it maintained? Awareness of Being and its translated understanding to ego personality seems to arise in conjunction with an individuals interaction and internalized relation to objects and other beings as touched upon above.

The purification of Self through Realization is in the clarified understanding concerning the True Nature of sense objects in this world of duality and then ultimately ones own True Nature and ultimate purpose of being as well. All may seem chaotic and purposeless, like the Universe is a vast whirling conjunction of random events and occurences. But this like all things within the whirling pool of samsara exist to push the seeker as rare as he or she is in this world and in human society upward, ever upward toward the original being free from entropies stain. However in the process of returning, in the reclamation of original perfection something else is obtained that did not exist before. A New Being is born in the death and rebirth of the of the old person. The twice born, the initiate now transformed inwardly, radiates outwardly in this dance of implosion, Shiva Nataraj!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Well of Mimir/Return to Point of Entry

The veil of nature, the veil over mind. Obsfucated is the true nature of being, it is not readily clear . Perhaps it is readily clear when one is a baby to an infant. There are times where I feel as though I can recall being a baby in my crib. Lying there anxious and befuddled due to strange noises outside such as car engines, and sirens, I recall the light of the sun coming through the dark blue curtains over the window. And I recall a certain anxiety in those times. An anxiety, a dread perhaps? A dread of some supernatural force. Is this death? This instigator of infantile anxiety? The shadow side of birth? It's hard to gauge how old I was in these memories. Perhaps 1 or so? Still close enough to the womb, close enough to reach back there. So at times from this point of memory I try to reach further back. Further back toward birth, to return to the memory of womb pre-birth, into the precise moment of manifested cognizance via incarnation. And then from there beyond the womb into the disembodied consciousness. This is the goal. It cannot be forced, but must be prodded and examined. Trying to cull real memory from false memory is very difficult at these ages and can only be verified by asking parents or others who were around to verify. Old photographs as well. Such as  the fact we did have dark blue curtains in my room of the very hue which would have created the atmosphere of that room.

I seek to obtain this memory from the depths of the well of Mimir to obtain that torch of recollection buried deep within time, and perhaps even outside of time to carry it forward, upward, and outward, and inward, deeply inward. The inward of the leftward rotating swastika carrying me home to that Eternal Northern Home of Hyperborea. Let us  journey toward this together through the Fire and Ice of the Initiatory Powers! Let Us Awaken and answer the call of the deep voice of God and attain unto Self Knowing.