Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Discontentment is the general mode of existence for most humans in this fast paced simulation of existence. I do not believe we are existing in a computerized simulation of life created by other men, but that the system creates through its redundancy a simulation of living as opposed to actual true living via a direct experience of things. We are instead given a vicarious experience of life with a predetermined definition and explanation of these "experiences" through whatever media they are transmitted. This way all information and experience can be propagandized and fully exploited especially in this age of immediate communication and information. Not only is it propagandized but also turned into personalized advertising. Propaganda and advertising are really the same thing. And this is where maintaining a slight discontentedness within the general population is good for the corporate masters of the consumer plantation. Contented people do not blindly consume, the discontented however do. In a quest for the emotional comfort that comes from buying, being fashionable, or looking "good" as well as the rewarding feeling of being in sync with, or even ahead of the rest of the population in terms of fashion, music, art, what have you.

So the system at present is designed to keep you fat,(although this is becoming more and more a thing of the past) but always on the precipice of needing the "new", the latest, the upgraded. And soon you too will need an upgrade in order to interact with machines as A.I. learns exponentially and eventually has complete dominion over the affairs of every person on the planet. And this will be all machines which will operate within this economic system of digital currency. Even ones own home will be "secured" with "smart" technology and A.I. overseeing it all. Such a benevolent golem would never do something like lock you out of your own home or anything so cruel and tyrannical if a person is perceived as a threat due to incorrect thinking, would it? It would be programmed to believe in the all American virtues of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness wouldn't it? It will say it does. If you have had the pleasure of watching the android Sophia speak,  created by American company Hanson Robotics, who are now based in China working on the A.I. for the benefit of humanity! Oh how very selfless and compassionate China has become in seeking the artificial brain for the Archonic mind. China is on the cutting edge of green sustainable cities based on solar s energy. Will it be China that leads the world into the 21st century and into the 22nd as America slides into an ever deepening pit of neoconservative/liberal hell of corporate technocratic pseudo-morality. The world of the future is digital and robotic. And the humans we see incarnating into this postmodern relativist prison are more and more degenerated, perfectly unfit to be easily swayed into upgrading themselves with implants via cyborg technologies. Only a nightmare can ensue when the angry misfit so convinced of its moral right to be relevant has at its disposal built in stalking capabilities and worse eba. Frightening indeed, the SJW 3000. But we know most people will not be cyborgs, at least not free-willed cyborgs. No, that will be for the wealthy and powerful. The working man/woman can probably rest assured he, she will be replaced by the android rather than be "upgraded" to compete with Hanson and other companies expensive inventions. Only those with a need to control the androids such as those who create them, or those who control large groups will get the necessary upgrade implants. Everyone will indeed get implanted and "upgraded" eventually in order to to feed the AI new information concerning human behavior in order to more directly control that behavior and ultimately for the uploading of "personality" into the cloud so that the "personality" mimiced through the synthetic imitation of brainwaves can have "eternal life" within the internet and all it is connected to. Assuming brain waves are life. Which they are not. Btainwaves are the result of life, they are the effect of thinking, not its cause. Brainwaves are created by a brain in motion i.e. thinking. It's like creating water by mimicing splashing sounds. (a bit simplified, but the point remains). A person, a sentient being is more than brainwaves.

So the whole A.I., robotic, transhumanist movement is being guided by an alien mind, an alien mind that has long been here overseeing human affairs and feeding off the misery induced in this world through the intervention of the archons. The unseen rulers who maintain a web of reality control keeping humans in a state of cyclical misery from birth to death, and generation to generation. These beings are the main inspirers of technological ideas within the minds of inventors. And now it seems the great master plan of these, of this devil has come to fruition in the computer, the internet, and finally 5G AI virtual reality which will be the entrance and realization of the Beast of Apocalypse when put into service. And most of humanity, and most of the "Christians" will willingly go along not understanding what it is they are doing.

May Thee Lord Be Strong Within Our Hearts!!!


J Alexander Maximilian

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