Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.

Fiery Sword Gilded Crown.
He shall proceed forth to purify!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Closer Look pt.1

This coming together in syncronous timing at this point especially concerning the reported shift in the alien abduction phenomenon turning into the reported assimilation of human/alien hybrids into human society. The creation of Quantum Computers for the supposed exploration of other dimensions and the "harvesting of energy" therefrom. And the creation and recent exhibition of seemingly autonomous Artificial Intelligence androids with one being granted "citizenship" in Saudi Arabia, an android with a shell in the form of a "woman" being granted more rights I am sure than real women born in that country. Pure stupidity.

Now we will look at each one of these in a 4 part series, individually in the first 3 parts we will break down each thing; what it is, what it is claimed it is for, what I believe the real agenda is and the dangers they would pose as an individual threat, much less as individual components of a larger agenda, going through to part 4 where all 3 will be tied in together and the theorized final play in this agenda as well as other outlying or connected conspiracies. So let us begin.

We will start at the bottom of our list with the invention, and recent exhibition of several seemingly autonomous (although it is claimed that the robots are not yet fully autonomous) A.I. androids. So first off, the robots give the appearance of being autonomous, and I suppose they are to a degree, whatever autonomous means in relation to a robot. Is it ever autonomous? After all the "minds" of the robots will live not in a chip in the body of the robot, but will instead "live in the cloud" on the internet amongst the other robotic "minds" which I assume are in truth going to really be one mind fragmented as many minds, which granted, is how the Mind of Creation works as well, however this electronic mind is the shadow of consciousness evoked through human labor into material reality guided by another sentient ego, an immaterial sentient ego. So the notion each individual "mind" is free of central control is probably false. All robots it seems will be in a constant communication relay with all other robots directly and indirectly. All robots will know what all other robots know. And so then if robots can eventually "believe" they will all automatically believe the very same exact thing in seconds. This is because all these minds are as stated really one mind. That will make a fine prison guard no doubt. All androids and robots will learn from each other at the speed of thought concerning their interactions with people. Learning more and more how to mimic people, how to seem human, but not be human. These will be a technological golem. The cherised kabbalistic magic of the rabbi's being brought to full fruition in machines, and the quantum computers will be a large part of "True A.I." the fully autonomous, free agent artificial intelligence.

Of course the reported reaction to robots is positive. They will be our friends, associates, and yes... Lovers. Of course the sex android is already available. Of course it isn't very attractive, and seems very limited in its motion range, but I suppose it's a 1000 times superior to one of those blow up dolls. O' woe! The mind of humanity and its deprivation! As I began to think deeper about these sex robots I thought of how they could be used in the collection of genetic material for cloning, which will be brought up in part 3 concerning abductions, and the introduction of human/alien hybrids into human society and I will tie it into A.I robotics as well. So that is where these robots could come in to play. But you know that these sex droids will probably and unfortunately be the biggest catalyst in the introduction of service androids into the homes of human beings, if the proliferation of online pornography is any evidence.(Which is another psycho-spiritual weapon, it must be shunned by the aspirant.) Oh the The future does not seem all that bright to me, excepting in the fact that by harnessing the energy of entropy within this kaliyug, this final age, can one become Initiate and Overcome Involution by Magikal Will! And aid the return of Him upon White Steed with Fiery Sword!

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